Friendly and skilled Plumbers in South London

Plumbing Services

For those pesky little jobs


  • Leak repairs
  • Central heating valves
  • Replace corroded stop cocks
  • Replace immersion heaters
  • Repair leaky pipe joints
  • Washer Changes
  • Repair or replace leaky taps
  • Replace ball valves
  • Fix your flush
  • Fit a new loo
  • Hang or move radiators


  • Partial & complete bathroom re fits
  • Tiling
  • Replace shower cartridges
  • Fit a new shower
  • Re-seal you bath or shower
  • Replace cracked or broken tiles

Spend a penny with Princess Plumbing


Princess Plumbing offer services for all circumstances from the grandest of bath houses to the smallest of jobs, a women only workforce, or an army of Bobs. We’re as happy to work on individual showers, baths, basins, taps or WC’s, as carry out a full bathroom re-fit. If you have a project you want us to manage, call Princess Plumbing now.


If you’re caught in the middle of a job, waiting weeks for the tiling to be done, we can help. Or if you have a design in mind, we have experienced and meticulous tilers, both male and female, who work in mosaic, terracotta, glass, ceramic, travertine, porcelain and limestone – grout news for South London.

Installing and Plumbing Appliances

Next time you’re having a washing machine, dishwasher, waste disposal unit, radiator or heated towel rail delivered, call Princess Plumbing in advance of the delivery date, and we’ll plumb your new appliance in for you.


We repair and maintain domestic pipe work. Ask a princess to cast an expert eye over your internal pipes, and unlike common plumbers, we’re adept at leak detection and repair, and would be happy to repair, remove, or replace old lead pipe work. Act now before a drip becomes a deluge.